The term "swinging" was at first used in that sense by a Minister who told his congregation that there was an "evil and immoral" group of people who were "swinging" from bed to bed - like the monkeys do from branch to branch. He thought that he discovered something new but, alas - he was wrong. People have been spicing up their sex lives from centuries on - it was normal to have several wives, sex slaves, etc in the ancient time.

Still, it is not really possible to say when and how swinging started. We have all heard about the orgies in Ancient Rome, about Egypt Cleopatra's wild sexual life, etc. However, it is generally accepted that modern day swinging was started around the middle of the 20th century by... US army pilots and their wives! Yes, we owe it all to the military. Some say that the first real group of swingers were the pilots involved in the Korean war, some say that those were guys stationed in the Californian desert - I guess we'll never know. But it all sarted with them.

At first, they were called "wife-swappers" - because they would do just that. Later, the term "swinging" came into use, and in the last few years, people coined a new "code word" - he Lifestyle.

Soon, swinging as an activity started to spread like a wild fire - by 1970, there were swinger groups on both sides of the Atlantic, in UK, and in Europe. By that time, the word "swinging" changed completely it's meaning from "lively or trendy" to "wife swapping and having fun with other couples".

By the 1990s, there were hundreds of clubs who would organise parties, put couples in touch, and facilitate The Lifestyle. Internet made everything even easier.

The swinging community is growing constantly and their lifestyle is no longer considered "wrong or immoral or dirty". Swinging is no longer a "rebel cry" - it's just something that you enjoy together with other people - like a good bottle of wine or a great movie.

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