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Hello again from Cammy Palin, Wife Bucket's content manager! I teamed up with Rebecca - our lovely support MILF to create a page about swinging! I know lots of you are interested in this thing and here you can find all kinds of information and resources on the sexiest sexual event ever - the swinging! The page will be updated everytime I learn something new!

If you are like me and prefer visual stimulation to the sympathetic nervous system (i. e. pics over reading) - WifeBucket has thousands of amateur swinger pics available online. But, if you want to learn something new - keep on reading!

In general, swinging is an activity in which partners in a relationship engage together in recreational (social) sex with other people. Swinging can include as little as 4 people or as many as possible - depending on the location, the enthusiasm of the people involved, and the sheer luck. Swinging can happen by chance (very often 2 couples can become sexually attracted to one another and decide to give it a try) or as a scheduled event - where people prepare and go to a specific location where they meet other swingers.

It is believed that swinging became very wide-spread after the Sexual Revolution of the 1960s and was facilitated by the invention of the Pill, the availability of condoms, and the way people started to think about sex in general.

Me and Rebecca did our best to collect and organise as much information as possible - she has more experience than me in that matter! This is an on-going project and we'll be updating it all the time - so make sure to bookmark it and come back now and then for new facts and ideas about swinging.

Here is what we found out for you so far:

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