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WifeBucket has thousands of amateur swinger photos from all around the world! People know that the more IS the merrier and meet at home or at sex clubs to fuck like bunnies and share their hot wives around. Sometimes, it's just a threesome from a vacation in Maui; sometimes it's a full-blown orgy which that rich guy from the neighbourhood hosts any given Sunday. Scroll down to see the top swinger-sex galleries from WifeBucket!

Mature couples go wife-swapping
Mature couples experiment sexually more than anyone else and the user-submitted pics below show that the kink is strong with these older women and men. What's a better way to break in the new sex swing than to invite some of your swinger friends for a day of wife-swapping and fucking together? Everyone got his turn in the swing, lots of photos were taken, and all of them are now inside WifeBucket. Scroll down and see how seniors love doing it :-)
Amateur swinger pics from real parties
Swinging is cool, swinging is fun, swinging is so hip! Lots of the wives and MILFs who submit their pics to WifeBucket are into swinging and orgies and we have lots of galleries where real amateur sluts get shared around with other people, where everyone fucks everyone else's wife, where you can find everything from accidental threesomes to full-blown wife gangbangs! Scroll down and see why the more IS the merrier ;-)
Hot wife over 40 in a real gangbang
When you are new to the group, everybody spends some time to get to know you. In the case of an orgy, this usually means a gangbang. Sue is a hot and slutty wife over 40 who recently got divorced from her impotent husband and now makes up for 10 years without sex. She started hooking up with guys in night clubs and on Tinder; one thing led to another, and this mature slut found herself at an orgy. Everybody wanted to take her for a drive and soon Sue found herself in the eye of the gangbang hurricane. Scroll down for the full gallery of this hot wife over 40 enjoying her first orgy!
Pics from real orgies and swinger parties
WifeBucket has tens of thousands of photos of real amateur swingers, hot amateur orgies, wives getting gangbangs, cheating MILFs shared with friends, and all other kinds of group fucking. Scroll down for a photo mix of older women having wild sex with friends and remember - WifeBucket can prove that the more IS the merrier :-)
Sharing my cheating wife around
Here's another hot cuckolding wife who gets freely shared around by her husband. Threesomes, orgies, gangbangs - everything is fair game for Lizzy. She would regularly go to clubs in a short skirt and without panties and pick guys to fuck while hubby watches and films it all. Sroll down for the full gallery of this cheating MILF and her sex adventures with strangers!
Real wife in a homemade gangbang
Cuckolds love sharing their wives with other men but this guy goes to the extreme by surprising his MILF with a real, no-limit gangbang at home. Both guys and girls got to fuck his cheaing wife for as long as they wanted and she got brain-dead from so much porking and orgasms. Scroll down for the full gallery and see this real slut of a wife getting fucked in a gangbang :-)
Just married and having a threesome
So, you got married and went on a honeymoon. Everyone expects lots of fucking and lewd behaviour from both you and the bride. Hot sex in the honeymoon suite, blowjobs for good morning, maybe even a quickie in the club's restroom. But this couple went a bit further and had a hot threesome with a guy they met on the beach! Sharing your wife right after you got married - now, that's a true cuckolder ;-) Scroll down for the full gallery of this young bride getting split-roasted in a MMF threesome!
Real wives and MILFs go swinging
WifeBucket has thousands of amateur swinger pics submitted by real wives and MILFs who love fucking in groups at home, in hotels, in parks, and at the beach. Sometimes it's just that night of drinking which ended in a threesome with a friend; sometimes it's about couples who swing together every week; and sometimes it's a full-blown 10-guy gangbang for a cuckolder's wife. Scroll down for this mixed gallery of real wives and MILFs who love sex in groups!
Soldiers hire a hooker for a gangbang
What's a good way to relax after a long week of training excercises and war games? How about a real hooker for a gangbang? Not many guys would think of that but these soldiers had the brilliant idea to call the neighbourhood MILF slut and to have some fun with her in a motel room. This dirty slut was more than happy to accomodate 5 cocks at once - scroll down for the full gallery of this amateur MILF in a real gangbang!
Real amateur orgies and group fucking
Let's watch some more real wives and MILFs getting the most out of sex by participating in hot orgies! These uninhibited older women are more than happy to fuck everyone in the group, to be the star of the gangbang, and to let every man give them facial cumshots. Group fucking is very hip lately - WifeBucket received thousands of new orgy pics every week and we feature more and more real wives in big orgies! Scroll down and enjoy ;-)
Real MILFs fucked at swinger parties
Having experienced MILFs and horny wives at your swinger sex party is awesome because nobody fucks better than an older woman! Scroll down for yet another mixed gallery of real wives doing what they do best at swinger parties and clubs, at homemade orgies, and at real gangbangs!
Real mature slut released for a gangbang
Masha and Victor live in Ukraine, drink vodka, eat borscht, and host gangbangs. It all started very casually - with a threesome 10 years ago. Hubby found out the cuckolder in him and wifey was cumming so hard that their sex life totally changed from this moment on. Little by little, orgy by orgy, Masha found herself at the business end of 10 cocks and Victor was happy to watch so many guys do anything they want with his cheating wife. Scroll down for the full gallery of this juicy wife over 40 starring in a big homemade gangbang ;-)
Various wives and MILFs in homemade orgies
These hot wives only live when they are at the orgy - because feeling sexy and wanted by every guy in the room does wonders for the ego. Scroll down for more random photos from the WifeBucket swinger archive which have everything from the innocent threesome to the fully-blown gangbang! Enjoy ;-)
Real amateur wives in hot gangbangs
Let's view together another gallery from the WifeBucket member area which is dedicated only to real wives in gangbangs. These MILFs are attention whores and want the whole focus on them - and their cuck hubbies freely share them around. Scroll down for real gangbangs in hotels, at home, on beaches, and from the vacation :-)
Real amateur wife in homemade threesome
This hot French wife swings both ways (what a surprise, LOL!) and doesn't mind sharing her well-hung man around. Cuckolding works the other way around, too - and that's why this real MILF is often in real FFM threesome where hubby get to taste another woman's pussy and Vivi likes watching before jumping in the orgy. Scroll down and enjoy this gift from WifeBucket :-)
Cheating wives gangbang compilation
Here's another mixed gallery of real wives over 40 and true MILF sluts getting shared in orgies and gangbangs by their cuckold husbands. These guys have this hot fantasy of watching wifey getting porked by strangers and having her wet pussy and mouth filled with another man's cum. And the sluts are more than happy to get multiple orgasms at the orgy and to go dick-tasting without feeling like cheaters. It's a win-win ;-)
Photos from the biggest amateur swinger party
Some people are into threesomes, some - into wife-swapping, but these guys are into full-blown orgies and swinger sex parties with each one being crazier than before. Let's look at the gallery below and see what happens - real wives, husbands who are into the sharing-my-wife lifestyle, a hot tub. Scroll down and watch these hot MILFs and housewives act like sluts and get fucked in all love holes by everyone in the room. Enjoy :-)
Cuckolding MILFs fucked by strangers
When you are a real cuckolder, you get off by watching other men fuck your wife anyway they want. This gallery is a tribute to all real wives and MILFs who have no issues with getting shared by their men. These sluts welcome new cocks all the time, get gangbanged in sex clubs, or fuck the hot black neighbour from above - and it's not cheating because hubby is there and enjoys the show a lot! Scroll down and see the fucking from the eyes of the cuckolder!
Photos of nude cheating wives and MILFs
These hot wives and MILFs love fucking other guys and their men don't seem to mind. We have hundreds of galleries with nude cheating wives, slutty cuckolding MILFs, wives in gangbangs, and real amateur swingers. Scroll down for naked photos of real amateur wives fucking other guys - while their cuckolders watch and enjoy the show :-)
Group sex with desperate housewives
Do you know who gets most attention from horny guys at the orgy? The real desperate housewives from the neighbourhood who are either divorced or just separated from their husbands. These MILFs are still in their prime and crave for a few good years of fucking before the menopause hits them like a brick. And what's a better way to stockpile on orgasms than an orgy or a gangbang? Scroll down for yet another compilation of user-submitted pics of real wives having hot group sex!

WifeBucket is the preferred media for swinger couples and ladies to share their latest group-sex shenanigans. We have everything from accidental one-time threesomes (with that hot pool boy from your vacation when both you and the wife were feeling so wild), to seasoned swinging wives whose husbands throw them regular group-sex and gangbang parties at home. If you are curious about the swinger lifestyle, WifeBucket has all the visual guides in the form of thousands of amateur swinger pics!

As usual, all of the pics and videos are homemade, submitted, and authentic. WifeBucket - no pros, just real Jane Does.

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Surprise gangbang for real Latina wife
Here's another cheating Latina wife who only lives when she's in a gangbang. Her cuckold husband love watching and then joining the fun and she really loves getting fucked by her man's horny friends. Scroll down for the full gallery of this cuck sharing his wife - and watch how much pleasure she gets from the gangbang!
This hot wife's first swinger party
Bad girl, bad girl, what you gonna do, what you gonna do when they come for you? And fuck you all night long? Marie is a bored wife who never suspected about her husband's cuckolding fantasies. When he finally told her about them, at first Marie was a bit shocked but then became curious - she has heard about swinger sex parties from her sister and thought - why not. Long story short, Marc and Marie found themselves invited to a private orgy and wifey found the beauty of getting shared with lots of horny guys and girls. There was lots of fucking, sucking, and pussy-eating and now this couple is addicted to the swingers lifestyle. Scroll down for the full gallery of a curious wife getting hooked to group sex!
Threesomes for this curious amateur wife
When you marry a slut, you'd better have a positive attitude towards cuckolding because you'd have to share her around. Just look at how happy Ava looks when she gets to play with her friends' cocks and pussies. And hubby doesn't seem to mind getting his cock sucked by Ava's girlfriends, too ;-) Scroll down for the full gallery of this hot amateur wife and her latest trip to threesome-landia ;-)
Horny MILF wife hosts a swinger sex party
Julie is hot MILF slut who go converted to the swingers lifestyle a while ago and now hosts sex parties and orgies at her luxurious house. Her cuck husband loves sharing her with both men and women and to watch her get fucked in threesomes, orgies, or even gangbangs! Scroll down to get the full gallery of this real MILF swinger wife :-)
Real wife shared in a gangbang
This match was made in heaven - he's a cuckolder who loves sharing his wife and she's a cheating MILF who gets off only by threesomes and moresomes. Scroll down for a full gallery of this real wife getting gangbanged by his friends - she starts the sex party by sucking everyone's cock in a real blowbang, then gets used by everyone just like a blow-up sex doll, and finally gets her sweet tight pussy filled with cum!
Sharing a hot wife in a threesome
The Becks are a couple very much in love and hubby has no issues with being a cuckolder and with sharing his hot wife with friends. Anne loves threesomes too - it makes her feel wanted and sexy. They are regular submitters to WifeBucket and we love receiving their submissions each month :-) Scoll down and enjoy the complete gallery of this real MILF being shared in homemade threesomes ;-)
Sharing this MILF slut in threesomes
Natural-born sluts are rare to find but once you do, you can be certain that she'll forever be kinky and uninhibited. Jo and Steve are a regular couple with a twist - this MILF is open to anything in sex. Bondage role play? Check. Deepthroats? Check. Threesomes? Double check. Stevie has real cuckold fantasies and Jo doesn't mind the extra cock now and then - and it's simple math that you cum twice as much when you're getting tag-teamed ;-) Scroll down for more user submitted pics of this hot wife over 40 in real threesomes!
Couples love wife-swapping at the orgy
WifeBucket hosts thousands of photos from real amateur orgies and here's another user-submitted gallery of real couples tasting the pleasures of group sex. These hot young wives love to be swapped and shared, to cum under stangers' cocks, and to be the attraction at each orgy which they attend. It's great for a woman to feel wanted and to know that men get hard only when they think about fucking her :-) Scroll down for more of their pictures :-)
Mix of amateur cuck wives shared
The gallery below is a compilation of real amateur wives getting shared by their cuck husbands with other people. Sometimes it with strangers, sometimes with friends or colleagues - but what's common is a hot cheating wife fucked hard while the cuck husband watches from the sofa and then joins the sex party! These real MILFs love trying out new cocks all the time - and their partners are more than happy to enjoy the cuckold experience!
Pics from the swingers-only resort
Word is that there's a secret nudist-only resort where swinger couples go to mingle and to fuck in big orgies at the beach, in the room, or even on a yacht. We're not sure if this is the case here but these older amateur wives and their horny husbands seem to be enjoying each others' bodies at a beautiful exotic location. Scroll down to watch more hot wives over 40 getting shared and fucked everywhere :-)
Couples love to wife swap
No matter how hot or slutty your wife is, sometimes you'd like to fuck another pussy for a change. But you don't have to go cheating on her - just talk her into wife-swapping with your best friends! That way, you get to tap another man's wife and he will have a great time with your own MILF! Scroll down to see the full gallery where these two couples decided to try wife-swapping and they liked it so much, that now it's Swap Friday at their houses!
Swinger wives went on a sex vacation together
This is one of the biggest group of swingers which we have ever seen inside WifeBucket - and we've seen thousands of amateur swinger photos and videos. These 6 real couples love fucking together in orgies and sex parties and what's better than to go together to an exotic location and have all the group sex they want? Everything is better when you get to fuck a hot amateur MILF and when there are 6 of them - each one sluttier than the other - well, scroll down for the full gallery and see what happens :-)
Birthday party turns into a drunk orgy
What started as a birthday party, ended as a drunk orgy
When you mix a few horny couples together and pour some hard liquor in them, you never know what will happen. Oh, wait, we do - an orgy.
Horny MILFs flashing strangers outside of the swing sex club
Flashing strangers outside of the swingers sex club
These hot MILFs are all ready for this Sunday's lingerie-themed party at the swingers sex club.
MILF wife fucking her GF with a dildo on the nudist beach
MILF slut fucking her girlfriend on the nudust beach
Shameless MILF fucks her girlfriend with a dildo while everyone on the nudist beach watches.
Younger amateur wives hosted a sex party for their husbands
Younger wives held a surprise sex party for their husbands
These cute young housewives wanted to spice up their sex life - so, what's better than to host a surprise swinger party for them and their lucky husbands.
This big-tit MILF is the attraction in the swing club
Everybody in the swingers club loves this busty MILF
This big-tit MILF slut quickly became everyone's favorite at the swingets club - and it's not just about those beautiful big natural breasts.
Real amateur couples fucking together in an orgy
Real couples having a funny drunk orgy together
Playful swinger couples find sex better when it's shared with other people at a homemade orgy.
Chubby MILF gets gangbanged at the swinger sex party
Chubby wife will always remember this swinger party
Cute chubby housewife got into a real gangbang at her bestman's swinger party.
Homemade gangbang for a MILF wife in a mask
Masked MILF wife gets gangbanged in the living room
Everybody had his turn a few times with this horny masked MILF wife at the gangbang.
MILF slut went overboard and hired two hookers for an orgy
Crazy wife hired two hookers for her orgy
Slutty MILF wife made a surprise sex party for her husband with two hookers from Craigslist.
Lucky guy ended up in a threesome with his fiancee and her GF
The best of night of his life
This guy couldn't believe when a regular dinner at friends turned into a hot threesome with 2 women.
Older swinger lady giving double blowjobs at the orgy
Mature housewife giving blowjobs at the orgy
Older amateur slut was on blowjob detail during last night's swinger party.
MILF wife fucked all night at the swinger party
She is wasted after getting 10 orgasms in one night
Lucky MILF got fucked, licked, sucked, and fingered on that orgy until she came 10 times for the whole night.
Mature wife dressed in sexy lingerie and crashed the neighbour's swinger sex party
Mature wife crashed the neighbour's swinger party
This hot MILF felt left out when her neighbours' hosted a swinger party - and she crashed it dressed in her sexiest lingerie.
Chubby wife gets her tits and pussy eaten by her MILF GFs
MILF wife gets all the girls' attention at the swinger party
Bi-sexual MILF wives taking good care of their friend at the swinger party hosted by a mutual friend.
Hotel-room threesome with two hot wives and a lucky guy
Guy in a hotel-room threesome with his hot wife and her GF
Lucky dude gets to tap twice the sweet MILF pussy when his wife invited one of her GFs for a hotel-room threesome.
Tiny amateur wife feels like a feather in this homemade threesome
Tiny MILF is like a toy in this threesome
Cute amateur MILF gets tag-teamed really hard by her cuckold husband and one of his cousins.
Hot wives having a female-only strap-on party at home
MILF wives fucking one another with a big strapon
Who said you need guys to have an orgy? You can also do it with a bunch of horny MILFs, a few big strapons, and lots of lube.
Mature wives in sexy costumes and lingerie in the swingers sex club
Older wives dress like sluts for the swingers club
These mature wives love going to their favorite swingers club in sexy lingerie and hot costumes.
Swinger couples having an orgy on the nudist beach
Big group of friends having an orgy on the beach
Kinky young friends went on the beach, had a few drinks, got some tan, and then had an orgy behind a dune.
All the wives at this swinger party love his big-dick
Guy with a big dick is the star at the swingers party
All of the wives and MILFs at this swingers party wanted to get a turn with this well-hung dude.
Cheating housewife fucked by strangers in parking lots
Dogging wife fucked by strangers outdoor
This housewife is really into dogging and spends the weekend fucking strangers in parks, gas stations, and parking lots.
Cheating wife held by her cuckold husband while a stranger fucks her hard
Cuckolding wife holds for dear life while a stranger fucks her
Cheating housewife needs lots of support when this big black dick started ramming her tight pussy.
Real amateur couples having an orgy at home
Sunday orgy for these real swinger couples
Several amateur couples having great times at this homemade swinger party.
Real couple in a threesome with a big black cock
Amateur couple in a threesome with a well-hung black friend
Hot amateur MILF getting shared between her husband and a well-hung black friend of theirs.
Cuckold husband paid guys to gangbang his cheating MILF wife
Cuckold husband hired guys to gangbang his MILF wife
Hired cocks fucked this hot MILF all night long while her cuckold husband filmed everything on tape.
Blonde mature wife in a threesome on the floor
Older blonde wife fucked by two guys on the floor
Mature wife gets the fuck of her life during an intense threesome on the floor of her house.
Hot MILF wife in a homemade MMF threesome
MILF wife is busy with two cocks on the sofa
Older amateur wife enjoys two well-hung guys in a threesome at home.
Chubby older wife in the middle of a threesome on the nudist beach
Older housewife having a threesome on the nudist beach
Chubby MILF wife gets her hormones depleted after an accidental threesome on the nudist beach.
Beautiful people having an orgy on the nudist beach
Swinger party on a secluded nudist beach
Young couples having a swinger sex party on a private nudist beach somewhere in Greece.
Cute MILF wife giving a great blowjob
Freckled MILF has her pussy licked while giving a blowjob
You stick a cock deep down her throat while another woman licks and fingers her pussy - the fun for everyone is guaranteed.
Husband in a FFM threesome with his wife and her MILF GF
Fat guy in a threesome with his wife and her bi-sexual MILF GF
Older amateur couples having a great MMF threesome at home with one of the wife's bi-sexual GFs.
Stag party got wild when the neighbourhood slut showed up
The neighbourhood slut got invited to the stag party
This is what happens when you invite the local slut to your stag party - you get fresh pussy for everyone.
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